Allie Gohery

Allie is a self-proclaimed crazy dog lady. She lives in Newton with her wife, Fiona, and four dogs: Lena, Flip, Alfie, and Belle.  A lifelong animal lover, Allie began professional dog walking in 2012 when she started working for Durty Harry's Brookline. After deciding to sell the store in 2015, Allie continued on with Durty Harry's Dog Walking. Allie and Jenny spent months talking about how they could make a difference in the walking business, and enrich the lives of the dogs they worked with each day. Thus, their idea for The Happy Dog was born. Allie holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Boston University. In addition to managing The Happy Dog, she works at Boston Veterinary Clinic as a veterinary technician. Allie is Fear Free Certified and incredibly passionate about the Fear Free movement in veterinary medicine!

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Jenny Efimova

Jenny is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP) and a Fear Free Certified Training Professional. She came to dog training after more than a decade working with human survivors of trauma. She owes this life-changing adventure to her rescue dog, Larkin, who taught her that animals, much like people, require compassion, dignity, and agency in order to live healthy and enriching lives.

Jenny understands firsthand that the type of training we choose will not only inform our relationship with our dogs, but will impact their emotional and physical wellbeing for years to come. For this reason she is committed to using only the most modern and ethical positive reinforcement techniques that go beyond “basic obedience” to build life-long skills for dogs and their humans. 

Jenny holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and a Master’s of Public Administration from Northeastern University. She earned a certificate of excellence for completing Living and Learning with Animals, a comprehensive course focusing on the technology of applied behavior analysis.

Jenny is the founder and owner of Dogminded, and serves as a volunteer trainer with PittieLove Rescue Inc. Jenny is a training member of The Pet Professional Guild, the Association for Force-Free Professionals.




Hattie was born in the UK, but grew up on a farm in North Carolina with horses, pigs, chickens, and four rescue dogs. She started working for The Happy Dog in 2019 after graduating from Boston University with a Bachelor’s degree in biology. Hattie loves all animals and hopes to one day open her own sanctuary for farm animals. 



Tyler was born and raised in Brookline, and has been working with The Happy Dog (and formerly Durty Harry's) since 2014. When he isn't walking dogs, he is playing drums and managing his renowned Grateful Dead cover band, Bearly Dead. Tyler has completed the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Foundations course. 



Natalie is a lifelong Brookline native. She previously worked for The Happy Dog in 2017, and after finishing her bachelor’s degree at Bard College, returned to Brookline in 2019 to walk her furry friends once more. Besides walking dogs, Natalie is pursuing a daytime career in freelance copy editing and a nighttime career in comedy.



Michael was born and raised in Drumright, Oklahoma where he grew up on a farm. He is a graduate student at Brandeis University studying history and archaeology. Michael has extensive experience working with animals including, cattle, chickens, miniature horses, cats, and dogs. Michael loves animals and enjoys being in their company.


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