Training is one of the most important ways we can build strong bonds with our dogs and create happy households.

Unfortunately, dogs don’t come pre-programmed knowing the rules of our world. They jump to greet, they pull on leash, they potty indoors, they bark, they chew, they dig, they scavenge for food. After all, they're dogs! 

If we want a well-mannered companion who is able to successfully navigate the world alongside us, we must teach them what we want them to do.

At The Happy Dog, we believe that learning should be empowering and fun, and free from fear and punishment. In this spirit, we’re committed to using only the most effective modern, positive reinforcement techniques.

We utilize clicker training technology that goes beyond “basic obedience” to build life-long skills and create more joyful and rewarding relationships between dogs and their people. 

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let us help you with:

  • Puppy training and socialization

  • Foundation behaviors and skills

  • Manners at home

  • Making walks more enjoyable

  • Coming when called

  • Changing unwanted behaviors

  • Cooperative handling, grooming, and veterinary visits

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JENNY EFIMOVA is a graduate of the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Behavior and Training and a Fear Free Certified Training Professional. She is the founder and owner of Dogminded.


Jenny is skilled in using science-based positive reinforcement training and behavior modification techniques that make teaching your dog fast, effective, and fun.

Her approach to working with people and dogs is informed by more than a decade working with and advocating for survivors of trauma. This experience gives her a unique perspective on how to best help people effectively and humanely teach their dogs the life skills they need and empower them to be willing participants in their own care. 

Through helping her own rescue dog, Larkin, overcome his fears and build confidence and resiliency, Jenny has seen firsthand the transformative effects of positive reinforcement training and the power of choice in the lives of animals. 

Jenny is excited to get you started on a path towards a more joyful and satisfying life with your dog!

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