Ever heard the term, "a tired dog is a good dog"? Well this applies to your dog's body and mind.

All dogs, regardless of age, size, or breed, have the need to engage in behaviors natural to their species. These behaviors include sniffing, scavenging, ripping, shredding, chewing, dissecting, just to name a few.

Unfortunately modern living doesn't always allow dogs to be dogs and to do what they love most. And so when left to their own devices, your dog may be apt to choose their own enrichment activities, say like using the leg of your dining room table as the perfect chewing object.

Enrichment provides dogs with constructive and healthy ways to engage in these necessary activities. Dogs who live in an enriching environment don't get bored, experience less stress, and are less likely to engage in unwanted or destructive behaviors. 

Enrichment is particularly helpful for fearful or reactive dogs, dogs who are reluctant to walk outside, or dogs who have physical or health limitations. 

Our enrichment program is designed to provide dogs with a more satisfying and rewarding experience and to decrease stress when at home and while out on walks. We will design a personalized enrichment plan for your dog to accommodate their individual needs, interests, and abilities. 

Consider adding enrichment to your dog's daily activities if:

  • Your dog could benefit from more exercise and mental stimulation

  • Your dog becomes stressed by walking on busy city streets

  • Your dog is reactive to people or other dogs

  • Your dog would sometimes prefer to stay inside

  • Your dog has physical or health limitations